If a picture is worth a thousand words…

(Arthur Brisbane, 

Syracuse Post Standard, March 1911)

… let me tell your story

stories that Matt has helped to tell

Matt Lawrence has been working as a commercial artist for over 30 years. His particular speciality is working live at events, capturing and representing business content (ideas/concepts/presentations) in a visual way. He also produces work from his studio as required, matching the needs of businesses and clients all over the world. Initially based in London UK, he now lives in Wellington NZ with clients as widely spread as USA, all over Europe, India and Australia.

About the work

Matt typically works at conferences, workshops, business presentations, market research sessions. He also regularly produces artwork for internal/external  communications, infographics, and travel illustration - both working live and from the studio. He also continues to work as a teacher, illustrator and, occasionally, producing work as the Artist in Residence at Wellington Cathedral.